Senin, 19 April 2010

untuk winda sri utami......


Since we was born in this world, basically we have done many things related to education. Many people did the wrong or the right thing in past. By doing some mistake we were able to do the correct one. Unconsciously we did it as a life learning.

All that thing is the informal way of learning, but nowadays there is a change for everyone to increase their knowledge by getting the formal way to learn. The place we call school. In many country people learn since they was five years old even four. For the first step many parents register their child in to kindergarten. It was the place for many children to learn about life. Children have no a lot of obligation to do for kindergarten, they just introduce a lot of thing with funny way. Teacher doesn’t force them to get some target, but the teacher help them to explore their ability.

Not all the children get their first formal way to learn in kindergarten but many of them being an elementary school as their first step. In Indonesia the citizen are obligated to have a formal school for nine years include elementary school and junior high school.People learn six years in elementary school and three years in junior high school. Actually there is no differences between the elementary school and junior high school related to the way of them to get the knowledge.

After finishing their study from junior high school , they can continue to senior high school or vocational high school. Senior have two divisions those are social science and natural science, but vocational school contains with with a lot of divisions base on that own vocational high school. Some vocational high school focus for machine, electricity, architect, and so on, but some of the others focus in secretary, management, public relation, etc. The divisions are diverse.

The last place to learn is in collage, after getting the graduation from their senior high school or vocational high school the student continue their study in collage. In collage they get more knowledge and focus deeply more about their division.

We need to admit that education is an important thing that we reach in life. Every country keep improving their education system by year to year. Education will create the smart people and absolutely having a smart brain will bring a country being advance.

But there is an other side about education we need to know that is the fundamental usage of education or learning. There are five goals of learning,

the first, learning how to live ,

the second, learning how to know,

the third, learning how to do,

the fourth, learning how to be

and the fifth as the last one is learning how to live together.

So as we're a live we have to keep learning , and we learn how to live not living how to learn. Some people though that learning make them boring, that's because their mindset think living for learning, that is opposite with what should be. They should wash their mind, ad change the mindset by thinking that learning for living.

So as a conclusion for all of us one thing we should understand is never stop to stay learning never give up to get a lot of knowledge, and find many useful thing from your environment as an education wherever and whenever.


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